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Business Continuity Management

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Effortlessly automate and dynamically scale your recovery plans with Autobcm, ensuring seamless business continuity management.


AutoBCM - Automated Business Continuity Solution

Our AutoBCM solution devises and enacts plans for uninterrupted critical business functions post disruptions.

  • Boosted Operational Resilience
  • Decreased Downtime and Costs
  • Enhanced Regulatory Compliance

Awards and Recognitions

Acknowledged in BCM Market Guide
Ranked among the Top 17 Risk Management Software Providers
Technology Leader, BCM, 2023
Leadership Club status,2023
Best Continuity and Resilience Provider, ME,2023


Key Capabilities

Get a comprehensive view of the core capabilities of the Business Continuity Management.

Global Disruption Statistics


IT Failure

of organizations experience downtime from hardware failure


Cyber attacks

days is the minimum downtime caused due to Ransomware attacks


Covid 19 Pandemic

small companies permanently close if they are not resilient enough


Operational Disruption

at minimum is the average cost for a break in continuity.

Very Professional Approach

"I really appreciate the Ascent team's ability to understand the problem and provide a solution. They are readily available for any meeting, urgent discussion, or ad hoc requests"

Prateek Sinha, Vice President, Head of BCM


reduction in risk management resources


integrations incorporated successfully


Reduction in crisis response

Impressed with Team's expertise

"The Ascent team's domain knowledge and technical prowess were impressive. They tailored AutoBCM to our needs with dedication. I wholeheartedly recommend their services. "

Suresh Kuppusamy, Senior Risk Officer, Head of BCM


reduction in operational downtime


reduction in DR Maintenance


Reduction in crisis response

Really supportive throughout the process

"Thank you for aiding us in reaching a significant AutoBCM milestone. SWN integration was complex, but with your unwavering support, we successfully transitioned to PROD. Please convey our gratitude to the backend team."

Suresh Sivasankaran, AGM, Crisis Resilience & Standards


reduction in operational downtime


integrations incorporated successfully


Reduction in crisis communication efforts

Fantastic work by the team

"Thank you all. Fantastic work. Much appreciated "

Bakkianathan Muthuswami, Senior Manager – Business Resilience


reduction in implementation time


operational uptime during pandemic


Reduction in crisis communication efforts


Our BCM solution comprises creating and implementing plans to ensure business continuity during and after disruptions, conducting a risk analysis, formulating strategies, and regularly testing and updating plans to minimize impact, instill customer confidence, and meet regulatory obligations.

The BCM solution strengthens organizations by developing robust plans that allow them to navigate disruptions, ensuring business continuity and minimizing operational interruptions, ultimately enhancing overall operational resilience.

Regular testing and updating of BCM plans aim to ensure their continued effectiveness and relevance, aligning with evolving business landscapes and potential risks.

Our BCM solution is designed to align with applicable regulatory standards and guidelines, enabling organizations to demonstrate compliance and mitigate potential penalties.

Absolutely, the BCM solution's implementation enables organizations to respond quickly and efficiently to disruptions, thereby minimizing downtime and related financial losses.

Through risk analysis and proactive strategies, the BCM solution empowers organizations to identify vulnerabilities, address potential threats, and strengthen risk management practices, leading to a more secure and resilient business environment.

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