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AutoBCM – Automated Business Continuity Management

Ascent AutoBCM© is one of the premium Business Continuity Management Solutions for your business. It helps SME’s and Large Enterprises to meet crucial Business Continuity Management and Disaster Recovery objectives with efficiency and consistency.  This Business Continuity Software enables companies to handle crisis management processes and develop Business Continuity Planning effectively.

Ascent AutoBCM©, Business Continuity Management Software is highly configurable to continuity needs for different business processes. It can easily analyze the impact of business continuity risks, create and test Business Continuity Planning’s effectiveness, and initiate and manage disaster recovery activities.


A Comprehensive Business Continuity Software

Think beyond threat with AutoBCM Business Continuity Solution. Comprehensive & flexible Business continuity solution paired with expert guidance for simplifying business continuity planning & management requirements. It’s the best possible way to start leveraging your efforts to restore critical business operations and ensure continuity.

Ascent AutoBCM© is built on SaaS Level 3 maturity model. It is partnered with MS Azure Cloud and AWS. This business continuity software is fully compliant to support multi-tenancy platforms and appropriate for on-premise deployment as well.

Get access to Ascent’s BCM solution. The expanding resilience aims to mitigate diverse crisis risk impacts without affecting your business continuity. The assistance through this solution ensures all your BC needs, including smooth business functions during disruptions, are fulfilled.

Get in touch for a customized business continuity solution, irrespective of the company size. Extremely useful as a business continuity planning tool. It creates confidence to continue with critical business operations, even in a crisis.

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