Mitigating Business Risks through Automated Resiliency

Business Continuity On Mobile, Premise and In Cloud

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Resiliency Software

AutoBCM© – Resiliency Software Solution

It helps enterprises to meet crucial Business Continuity Management objectives with efficiency and consistency. It enables companies to effectively plan and manage their continuity and crisis management processes.

Ascent AutoBCM© software is highly configurable to business continuity needs of various organizations. It can easily analyse the impact of business continuity risks, create and test business continuity plans, initiate and manage disaster recovery activities.


AutoBCM© can be customised to interface with your existing corporate data sources to minimise data maintenance effort.

Case Study

Learn more on how we help businesses take charge in managing risk, crafting business growth, resilience, trust and sustainability.

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AutoBCM© as Software-as-a-Service

Ascent AutoBCM© software is built on SaaS Level 3 maturity model and is fully compliant to support multi tenancy and in-premise deployment.

Available on subscription base

Available even for small sized enterprises with few branches

Deployed on a load-balanced farm of servers

Customer’s data kept in isolation

Optimizes overall cost of the process while providing ease of maintenance

Business Continuity Management

A single source for Business Continuity Management to provide robust organizational resiliency round the clock.

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Business Continuity
Business Continuity Planning for Crisis Management

Crisis Management

Capture and manage real-time incidents with AutoBCM Crisis & Incident Management module.

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IT Disaster Recovery Management

Go beyond traditional disaster recovery planning with AutoBCM ITDR management.

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Business Continuity Planning for ITDR

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Business continuity – anytime, anywhere

AutoBCM© is now available on mobile, on premise & on cloud, so that you can manage business continuity, anytime, anywhere.