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Ascent AutoBCM® NextGen is the premium Operational Resilience
Solution for your business.

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AutoBCM® NextGen – Enterprise Operational Resilience Platform

Ascent AutoBCM© is the premium Operational Resilience Solution for your business. It helps small, medium, and large enterprises meet crucial Operational Resilience and Disaster Recovery objectives with efficiency and consistency. This Business Continuity Software enables companies to develop business continuity plans, assess risks, and supports crisis management processes.

Ascent AutoBCM©, Operational Resilience Software is highly configurable to meet your continuity needs for different business processes. It can easily analyze the impact of business continuity risks, create and test business continuity planning’s effectiveness, and initiate and manage disaster recovery activities.

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AutoBCM® NextGen

Comprehensive Business Continuity Software

Think beyond threats with the AutoBCM Operational Resilience platform. Comprehensive, methodology aligned, flexible Business continuity solution paired with expert guidance for simplifying business continuity planning and management requirements. It’s the best possible way to start leveraging your efforts to restore critical business operations and ensure continuity.

Ascent AutoBCM© is built on SaaS Level 3 maturity model. It is partnered with MS Azure Cloud and AWS. This business continuity software is fully compliant to support multi-tenancy platforms and is appropriate for on-premises deployment as well.

Ascent’s BCM solution expands resilience that aims at mitigating erratic crisis and risk without affecting your ability to continue operating by empowering the user through intuitive design. The assistance provided through this solution ensures all your business continuity needs, including smooth business functions during disruptions, are fulfilled.

Get in touch to learn more how AutoBCM aligns to your organizational needs, enables customization to meet your business continuity problems, irrespective of the company size. Our goal is to provide confidence to the users to continue with critical business operations, even during a crisis.

The Best Choice for Your Business Needs

AutoBCM® NextGen Automated Business Continuity Management is a
web-based Integrated BCM and Crisis Management Software.

Its offerings are compliant with ISO 22301 and full-scale automation towards conducting Business Impact Analysis, Business Continuity Plans, Testing, Emergency Response, Risk Assessment, and Recovery Strategies. This brings great value to an organization making it more resilient to prepare in the event of a crisis.

AutoBCM Software has a user-friendly design and can be easily implemented. It enables users who have no qualification or are specialized in business continuity to meet their objectives pertaining to Organization Management, Risk Management, Disaster Management, Business Continuity Management, and Crisis Management. AutoBCM offers one of the most compelling value propositions for an end-to-end Business Continuity Management Lifecycle, with complete functionality in one easy system. This includes unlimited users, support services, maintenance, notification, and integration.

The approach and methodology used are aligned with the requirements of ISO 22301:2012 and other industry standards.

Here are a few important highlights:

  • Enables an executive overview of the BCM Program.

  • Enables quick and accurate aggregate of data into information – on an enterprise-level.

  • Makes Crisis Management response, logging, and reporting more efficient and effective.

  • Provides visibility of the decision-making process for real-time event responses.

  • Immediately identifies gaps between BCM resource requirements and resource availability.

  • Enables real-time activation and BCP status tracking regardless of the operating location.

3 models

SaaS, On-Premise, and Cloud

ISO Certified

22301:2012 standards


all human resource and notification systems


Migration of existing data

Industries We Serve

Oil & Gas
Retail Services
Capital Market & Investments
Banking & Insurance Services
Financial Services
Government & NGO’s
Telecom Networking & IT
Hospitality & Healthcare

AutoBCM Overview

AutoBCM Overview

Complete overview of AutoBCM Business Continuity Software, its lifecycle and importance for business.

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AutoBCM Modules

AutoBCM Modules

Know the process & significance of Business Continuity Planning through AutoBCM.

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AutoBCM Benefits

AutoBCM Benefits

Insight into the benefits of using AutoBCM in your organization for Business Continuity Management.

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