Getting Started

A walk through to AutoBCM© Module Dashboard

Ascent AutoBCM© software enables a streamlined continuity process through well structured BCM modules. The software is

  • Simple, flexible and easily configurable
  • Active directory configuration based on organizational chart for easy updating
  • Very easy to use and flexible

Ascent AutoBCM© is a web based software tool, whose BCM Modules allow organisations to consistently and cost-effectively deploy business continuity activities with a tried and proven methodology developed from lessons learned, including actual response to real events.

The Getting Started interface of BCM is designed so well, that it is extremely useful in walking an organization through all stages of the planning process using various BCM Modules. This is of particular value in situations where a person who is compiling the plan is not a trained BCM practitioner, yet can use the system effectively and easily.

The getting started BCM module of the software, guides the user to walk through various stages and provides with details of what type of information is required at each level to complete the BCM life cycle activities.