As per the Global Risk Report on current threats, a threat likelihood and its impact have added a new dimension to the concept of urgency & emergency. From the COVID-19 pandemic to the situations like wildfires, blasts, and cyber-attacks, all the examples lead to one conclusion; all these chaotic situations severely impact health, businesses, and the economy.

When it comes to businesses dealing with emergencies, it’s often observed that such situations, in most cases, trigger extreme panic. Businesses need to handle these situations tactfully, though very few are prepared to do that. To handle the crisis more efficiently, AutoBCM, a business continuity management solution from Ascent, is equipped with an emergency notification feature and a mobile app. If a disaster or an emergency, it alerts teams and helps to promptly take action before it’s too late.

Emergency Notification

This innovative solution involves crisis handling with timely notifications to reduce panic. A team can choose one of the pre-built templates once they identify the crisis and then add the relevant data for sending notifications. It leads to better execution of crisis management and recovery decisions. Emergency notifications have these three advanced features:

Crisis Notification- Helps to notify employees when the disaster hits. The crisis management team can use one of the prebuilt crisis templates for sending notifications to the concerned staff. This minimizes the efforts and time in coming up with the relevant messages.

BCP Activation Alert to Employees- With this feature, employees get to know when they need to activate their BCP. Once they activate their respective BCP, they can refer to their specific plans and take action accordingly.  It supports them in being attentive to the situation and executing the steps planned by the leadership team.

More than 1000 Emergency Notification- AutoBCM emergency notifications can broadcast more than 1000 warnings, voice messages, texts, and emails with proper information at a time.

Mobile App for Emergency Situation

A mobile application is specifically designed for supporting organizations to manage crises successfully. It streamlines crisis communication in real-time through notifications. The two-way process addresses the utmost necessities during the disruption period.

Emergency contact directory- The directory consists of important POCs in the crisis management team. With the updated contacts in one place, leadership teams can easily take quick actions once they get notified.

Response plans for a crisis- The virtual command center helps the crisis management team connect and access the action plans required to respond to a crisis.

Prompt & Agile Decision Making- With the advanced features in the mobile app, leadership teams can quickly make proactive decisions. It supports implementing pre-planned communication strategy & critical business operational tactics that minimize revenue loss, customer dissatisfaction, and reputational damage.

What Makes Emergency Notification & Mobile App an advanced solution?

We’ve thought about every aspect of disruptions before coming up with an emergency notification system and a mobile app for the crisis. Here are the reasons why a business should opt for this system:

Reduces Panic Level in Employees- Emergency notification notifies concerned employees about the critical processes and the crisis once the CMT identifies the crisis. The main purpose is to get the alert and jump into planned actions during a crisis in no time without confusion or panic.

Current Updates on BCP Activation Status- The emergency app offers notification on the respective BCP status. It sends out alerts when there is a need to manually access the business continuity plan and take the necessary measures as the situation demands.      

Communication through Notification- This feature is used to notify the crisis management team about an emergency. The crisis management team then disseminates the communication relevant to the crisis to all the employees.  

If you would like to know more about this feature and other AutoBCM offerings, please reach out to us via Contact page. Our team of experts will be happy to assist you with your BCM requirements!