The infographic highlights the most concerning 10 statistics to help you understand the significance of implementing or improving resilience in your organization. It is clear from the graphical representation that enterprises regardless of any size must pay heavy prices if lack business continuity, disaster recovery, incident management, or crisis management plan. The business ecosystem has become indefinite more than ever, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic where close to 100,000 small companies were permanently closed.

Pandemic isn’t the only threat that is disturbing business leaders and decision-makers. There are internal data leakage threats, climate change, cyber-attacks, loss of infrastructure, and many more that can impede your day-to-day and mission-critical operations. According to Veeam’s 2022 Data Protection Report, a single minute of downtime costs over $1,467, meaning downtimes have become unbearable.

You cannot predict the future but you can prepare in advance to respond and act swiftly during a crisis with automated business continuity management software. AutoBCM NextGen fosters 3 key aspects crucial for managing and recovering from a business emergency– speed, intuitive usability, and automation.  The comprehensive, SaaS operational resilience software helps you end-to-end integrate and optimize readiness and response activities with early warning alerts, autonomous threat detection and its scope, automated selection of action plans, automated workflows, live monitoring, and real-time maintenance & reporting. Contact us to know more!