IT Disaster Recovery & Management

Go beyond traditional disaster recovery planning with AutoBCM ITDR management.

Auto IT Disaster Recovery creates high quality information management processes for emergency preparedness, response, recovery and resilience-building for an organization.

The open-source information management system for disaster management supports all phases of the emergency cycle i.e Contact list (Directories), Resources, projects 4Ws (Who, What,Where & With) & Logistics.

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crisis management plan
  • Creates resource plans

  • Allows individual assets/applications to be linked throughout the platform

  • Enables RTOs to be aligned

  • Flexibile to build any degree of granularity in different parts of the organization

Qualitative Benefits

Business Continuity Planning

Business continuity – anytime, anywhere

AutoBCM© is now available on mobile, on premise & on cloud, so that you can manage business continuity, anytime, anywhere.

On Mobile

On Premise

On Cloud