During a present pandemic COVID-19 crisis, one can’t emphasis more on the need for a comprehensive and adaptive crisis management plan.

While many organizations struggle to cope with the current conditions, it is even more crucial for the business continuity and crisis management teams to engage in full swing ensuring the business is functional along with employee safety.

An all-inclusive crisis management plan must incorporate crisis communication. While most organizations communicate during crises, much of it happens during the event without clear strategy and communications protocols. This results in confusion, indecision, delays, sloppy execution and weak messaging.

The effectiveness of a crisis communication reflects the maturity of its overall approach to crisis alertness. Having a mature communication framework in place streamlines development of event-specific messaging, allowing correspondents to manage the narrative efficiently.

In the world where everyone is connected via multiple devices, it is required to establish mass notification systems before the crisis which allows you to rapidly reach the stakeholders using multiple modalities.

For some of us email communication is convenient, for some cellphone calls or messages. The more mediums we use to send out an emergency message, there are better chances of reaching all the recipients.

However, in addition to an effective crisis management system, an end-to-end business resiliency platform can help an organization to be well prepared for any type of disaster. It enables to perform risk and business impact assessments, create business continuity plans, manage incidents, train staff and also perform regular tests to ensure effectiveness of your plan.

A comprehensive and reliable solution allows you to save money, save time, and better prepare for crises.

As your organization addresses present business continuity and crisis management needs, we are here to facilitate the same and make it less stressful. Contact us to learn how other organizations are responding to this crisis and how we can help simplify and automate your BC program!

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