Crisis Management

Capture and manage real-time incidents with AutoBCM Crisis & Incident Management module.

Crisis Management offers an online location for your team to collaborate and share information about a disruptive
event in real-time, including announcements, situation reports, details regarding planned meetings, and more.

Further, this functionality is tightly integrated into AutoBCM, so your team can access recovery plans,
communications tools, contact lists, and other resources stored.

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crisis management plan
  • Creates resource plans

  • Allows individual assets/applications to be linked throughout the platform

  • Enables RTOs to be aligned

  • Flexibile to build any degree of granularity in different parts of the organization

Qualitative Benefits

Business Continuity Planning

Business continuity – anytime, anywhere

AutoBCM© is now available on mobile, on premise & on cloud, so that you can manage business continuity, anytime, anywhere.

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