The Covid 19 outbreak is a reminder of the fact that anything can go wrong within no time. Organizations must plan their Business Continuity like never before.

Important tasks to make your organization more resilient towards an outbreak like Covid 19:

1 – Identify risks, create backup plans.
2 – Involve your executive team and have a discussion about scenarios. Prepare an action plan.
3 – Identify the point of contact to lead the response and possible activities that need to happen.
4 – Review the plan and scenarios.
5 – Set up a distributed decision-making so that if point A person is affected, someone else is there to take a lead. Identify redundancies and have an open discussion about the possible gaps.
7 – Close the gaps.
8 – Review the findings and plans with the board and wherever needed, bring the stakeholders into the discussion.
9 – Repeat this activity periodically.