Three Essential Factors for Business Continuity During an Emergency

The ongoing COVID-19 outbreak has forced businesses around the world to change the way they function. Also, changing consumer behavior, product demands, and the changing economy created a huge impact on the way businesses operate. [...]

Types of BCM Solutions and why collaborating with a BCM Partner is Important

The entire world is now feeling the impact of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in many ways, impact on production and demand, market disruption, and financial impact being the major ones. This is the unique scenario [...]

Four most Critical Assets for Business and How to protect them!

Every business irrespective of size and function consists of critical assets. You can call these pillars of your business, that, if taken away would cause disorder and severe loss. These assets can be consolidated into [...]

Increase your Enterprise Resilience – Apply for ISO 22301

Enterprise Resilience is the ability of an organization to maintain Business Continuity and protect its resources and brand equity in case of a disruption. Organizational resilience is important because it helps to build mechanisms to [...]

Two Important Factors to Ensure Business Continuity

Currently, the entire world has been going through a radical change in response to the outburst of COVID-19. Social distancing as pandemic precaution affects the majority of industries, including financial institutions, the hospitality industry, manufacturing [...]

Covid 19 and Business Continuity Planning

The Covid 19 outbreak is a reminder of the fact that anything can go wrong within no time. Organizations must plan their Business Continuity like never before. Important tasks to make your organization more resilient [...]

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