BCM Training

Ascent AutoBCM© organizes a Training and Awareness program for internal staff of an organization to ensure that they become familiar with the various deliverables from the business continuity assignment.

Every department of an enterprise should be engaged in the process. The dependencies of different teams of the organizations and their engagement in Crisis Management and Business Continuity vary in accordance with their role.

Whenever possible, it is best to utilize the existing training structure at the time of conducting BCM training and awareness.

For example, an organization can make employees aware of BCM by scheduling Team Meetings on this particular subject. They can add agenda, or BCM representatives can demonstrate various intricacies of the process for 10 to 15 minutes. All these process documentation materials will be added in the “General Employee BCM Awareness” folder, created especially for this purpose.

We identify Business Continuity awareness and training requirements for an organization and develop an appropriate plan accordingly. The objective of this plan is to embed a positive BCM culture within the organization. It includes the core values of an enterprise and promotes effective management.

Our Business Continuity Plan consists of an awareness strategy. It has multiple awareness sessions that focus on locations and the roles of different departments of the organization. The awareness sessions of the plan elaborate on diverse business continuity methods through lectures, intranet, and exercise opportunities.

Ascent, as a firm believer in business continuity, put special focus on embedding BCM in an organization’s culture through diverse mechanisms. This includes Training & Awareness for staff at large, specialized pocket cards/ instruction sheets for critical staff, a briefing from higher management on their role. Authorities during a crisis, overall project visibility to the organization’s partners through corporate communication are also included in it.

The initial Training program for core staff, responsible for the development of a business continuity plan, will primarily cover the following aspects: