AutoBCM® NextGen Enterprise Business Continuity Management is a web-based Integrated BCM and Crisis Management Software, Its offerings are compliant with ISO 22301 and full-scale automation towards conducting Business Impact Analysis, Business Continuity Plans, Testing, Emergency Response, Risk Assessment, and Recovery Strategies. This brings great value to an organization making it more resilient towards a crisis situation.

AutoBCM® NextGen Software has a user-friendly design and can be easily implemented. It enables BCM teams to meet their objectives through Organization Management, Risk Management, Disaster Management, and other BCM Units. AutoBCM® NextGen offers one of the most compelling value propositions for an end-to-end BCM Lifecycle, with complete functionality in one easy system. This includes unlimited users, support services, maintenance, notification, and integration.

The approach and methodology used are aligned with the requirements of ISO 22301:2012 and other industry standards.

Here are a few important highlights:

  • Enables an executive overview of the BCM Program.
  • Enables quick and accurate aggregate of data into information – on an enterprise-level.
  • Makes Crisis Management response, logging, and reporting more efficient and effective.
  • Provides visibility of the decision-making process for real-time event responses.
  • Immediately identifies gaps between BCM resource requirements and resource availability.
  • Enables real-time activation and BCP status tracking regardless of the operating location.
  • 3 models: SaaS, On-Premise, and Cloud
  • Meets ISO 22301:2012 standards

  • Integration with all human resource and notification systems

  • Hassle-free migration of existing data