• Enterprise Business Continuity Management platform, AutoBCM from Ascent Business Technology enables enterprises with emergency response, risk assessment and recovery strategies.

With the World Health Organization (WHO) officially declaring the Coronavirus outbreak as a global pandemic, health regulatory authorities across the globe have recommended comprehensive business continuity measures.

Ascent Business Technology, a global leader in enterprise resilience space, with a focus on integrated Business Continuity Management (BCM) and Crisis Management solutions, offers  AutoBCM as an enterprise business continuity management platform. A great business protection solution for the turbulence caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Product is available in two versions – on premise and over the cloud. This makes enterprise-wide information available instantly in case of a major disruption. This platform also provides an executive overview of the BCM program. And offers visibility of the decision-making process for real-time responses.

Ascent Business Technology has worked with some of the biggest names in various industries globally with more than half of the clientele comprising Fortune 500 companies.

In accordance with the higher Disease Outbreak Response System Condition (Dorscon), AutoBCM(Business Resilience Software) becomes the most preferred enterprise-wide full-scale BCM automation solution across the enterprises in APAC, Middle East, South East Asia and North America.

Kundan Shekhawat

“The sudden outbreak of the Coronavirus and its impact on enterprises calls for an economic business continuity platform providing enterprise-grade performance. AutoBCM by Ascent comes as a scalable, robust and highly integrated platform catering to multiple BCM requirements. The solution has been specifically tailored to offer comprehensive business continuity planning, initiation of recovery action, risk assessment and disaster tracking,’’ said Mr Kundan S Shekhawat, Founder and CEO, Ascent Business Technology Inc

Additional advisories have advocated the employers to step up business continuity plans and prepare for widespread community transmission. Authorities have also emphasized the need for quick and strategic decision making, alongside preparing the staff to adhere with the new framework seamlessly.

Some other key benefits of Ascent AutoBCM solution include-:

  • Creates and tests business continuity plans
  • Initiates and manages disaster recovery activities with the click of a button
  • Completely configurable solution
  • Data maintenance efforts are subsequently reduced
  • Simplifies and reduces time to complete all activities relating to BCM planning requirements
  • Relational database technology has replaced the redundant and duplicate data in word and excel files used in traditional disaster recovery management processes
  • Eliminates the need to manage disparate sources of BCM data – spreadsheets, pseudo databases, tables, documents, etc 

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Founded by experienced industry professionals, Ascent Business Technology offers a specialist portfolio for its global clientele. Its flagship offering AutoBCM, enables organizations to be resilient to disasters and prepares them to manage business continuity with ease. 

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