How AutoBCM helped Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA) achieve Business Continuity and much more! 

Emirates Global Aluminium is the world’s largest ‘premium aluminum’ producer since 1979. Here are some details about the company:

  • They have a total of over 7000 employees.
  • Their yearly production of aluminum is nearly 2.34 million units.
  • They have their own regulations & provisions for resilience & emergency management.
  • They follow standards set by both the NCEMA & ISO 22301, including the former’s National Emergency Plan.
  • The company has plans for expanding significantly, both locally & internationally.

Challenges they were facing:

  • The company faced a host of different issues that stood in the way of their planned expansion.
  • The stability & usability of their system was not in line with the common industry standards.
  • Their manual business continuity maintenance affected their efficiency & turnover.
  • There was no centralized location for all emergency, crisis, & schedule notifications. This resulted in delays in receiving them that, in turn, affected their business.
  • The lack of data flow/interfacing between critical business processes and crisis management mechanisms (facilitated by them manually) resulted in them missing out on identifying critical processes to avert them.
  • Their manual incident/emergency/crisis management meant that the processes were mostly opaque to their decision-makers.
  • The lack of customized reporting for operations, middle, & high-level management took a further toll on their efficacy.
  • The above subsequently resulted in their system failing to live up to many of NCEMA’s & ISO 22301’s aforementioned standards.

Solutions provided:

AutoBCM, a flagship product provided by Ascent Business, offered them with the following solutions:

  • End-to-end continuity management implementable lifecycle.
  • The solution has its own provisions for disaster recovery planning & crisis/incident management.
  • Automated emergency response & related notifications.
  • The highly scalable product also can be deployed on-premises or on a cloud with minimal maintenance.
  • Its BCM cycle (including BIA, BCP, RA recovery, etc) is fully automated.
  • The service comes with a user-friendly chat feature to enable better assistance.

Results achieved:

Upon successful implementation, AutoBCM helped EGA with the following results:

  •  Improved operational efficiency, besides significantly increasing process visibility to the company’s top management.
  • Effective tracking & resolution of issues.
  • Organization level awareness for continuity issues through its mass notification feature.
  • It enabled quick & accurate aggregation of data & information at an enterprise-level.
  • Identification of gaps between BCM resource requirements & their availability.
  • Decision-makers could now track the process in real-time regardless of the operating location.
  • Decision-making processes inside the company were enhanced through increased visibility for real events.
  • It’s automated messaging allowed for 24/7 connectivity between any number of people, enabling a far more pro-active & collaborative response to emergency situations.
  • All of the above & much more, allowed for the company to finally achieve their necessary regulatory compliances, hence enabling them to pursue their expansionary goals!