Crisis Management Consultant

Avoid Post Crisis Regrets with Planned Business Management

It is quite natural for organisations to regret after any major or minor crisis, due to irreparable damages incurred. Surprisingly, it is very easy to avoid these post regrets through crisis preparedness and simulated workshops.

Ascent Technology Consulting helps you prepare for the unforeseen incidents through a perfect blend of Consultants, Training and Automated Crisis Management Software.

We listen, interpret, prepare, react and monitor your crisis probability and make you resilient to unpredictable situations.

Simulation Workshop

You cannot control a crisis. You can only manage it.

Crisis management is all about anticipating, understanding, analysing and managing a situation in real-time.

To bring out this maturity, you should envision the unforeseen and act in the future. Thus, Crisis Management Workshop prepares you in the present and strengthens your future.

Ascent Crisis Management consultants can facilitate with one day or week-based crisis workshops with full simulation with Real life Scenario.

Our industry-best experts guarantee the following scenarios and create a positive attitude towards crisis handling.

Ascent could successfully cater to the simple to critical business continuity needs of various clients from Middle East, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, and Malaysia.

Gearing Up for Crisis Management

Crisis management simulation workshops of Ascent,

  • Align with existing framework of an organisation
  • Give a real feeling of a crisis
  • Evaluate & recommend role competency
  • Educate through interactive videos
  • Provide a larger than life scenario with mock press conferences
  • Train and guide internal Crisis Management Team

Alignment with Regulatory Compliances & Existing Frameworks through BCM Automation

Ascent AutoBCM© software complies with ISO 22301, NCEMA and other regulatory bodies and configures with the existing internal framework of respective organisations. It understands and analyses the in-house Business Continuity documentation.

Ascent business continuity solution ensures liaison with the respective Emergency Services and existing Technical Plan owners of an organisation. This further ensures that the relevant Technical Plans fit harmoniously together during the real emergency occurrence.

Ascent AutoBCM© promises continuity of critical activities, even during the crisis.

For this, an incident response structure will be developed in line with the Crisis Management Plan, IT Disaster Recovery Plan and Health & Safety Manuals.

Ascent crisis management system helps in working in harmony with predetermined plan owners to:

  • Agree on a consistent terminology to be used in all documents and procedures within the Crisis and Business Continuity Management Framework
  • Provide feedback on existing Technical Plans
  • Provide input from assignment activities


The Technical Plans that are produced / updated in this phase include:

  • Emergency Procedures
  • Building Evacuation plans
  • Alignment with
    • Emergency Services requirements; and
    • Business Continuity Management requirements
  • Health and Safety Plans
  • Internal Systems
  • Crisis Communication Plan